All Accounting is Completed Quickly and Accurately By a 
 Small Business Tax  Accountant For One Flat Rate Price That Doesn't Go Up with Your Revenues With No Unnecessary or Hidden Fees

Did you know that accounting is an unregulated industry? That means that anyone can file a tax return. The problem is that most people haven't got a clue how, even many self-proclaimed 'experts'.

Be careful who you hire! If they're not a Small Business Tax Accountant they are probably not aware of all of the latest tax implications and what you can do to avoid overpaying CRA unnecessarily.


Need a Fast, Accurate Bookkeeper?


Certified, Mobile Bookkeepers From $50 to $65/hr 

We Come to You or You Come to Us and We'll Work Until the Job is Done


We Don't Charge Travel Time...

When We Work at Least 5 Hours at a Time in Your Home or Office


The Same Bookkeeper EachTime

We Have Very Little Turnover of Staff


We Are Familiar with Most Accounting Software 
From ACCPAC to Zero

We Won't Charge You For Researching Something We Aren't Familiar With


We Do Bookkeeping for Canadian and US Companies

We Also Have Relationships with US Accountants


We Have No Monthly Minimum
30 Minutes of Work = $32.50

Beware of Bookkeepers Who Charge a Flat Fee or Minimum Monthly Fee 
As They Are Typically CRAZY Expensive


Our Focus is on Small Businesses and Franchises, Usually with Less Than 10 Employees and We Work with Lots of Business Owners Just Starting Out Who Can't Afford the Huge Fees That Other Accounting Companies Charge

Whether you're a small business owner, a professional, or a tradesperson - we have the experience to take care of you when it comes to making sure that you keep as much of your hard-earned money as you can.


Our Team includes:


Small Business Tax Accountants - Corporate Tax Returns; Financial Statements; etc.

Bookkeepers - Why pay huge accounting fees for bookkeeping services? GST? Etc.

Lawyers - Incorporation; Minute Books; Trusts; Agreements; Buy/Sell Agreements, etc.

Financial Consultants - Accountants can only account for money, not "move" it. Financial Planners make sure you have more money at retirement.

Tax Specialists - Did you know that there are tax specialists who only work for accountants? Now they can work for you, too!

Cost Analysts - Our specialists analyze your phone, cell phone, energy and municipal tax bills. Have you overpaid?



Get as Much Money as You Can Out of Your Business, TAX ADVANTAGED, with CRA Approved Strategies and
Fast, Accurate & Timely Reporting 

Stop paying tax unnecessarily and stop paying penalties unnecessarily. We work with tax specialists, accountants and bookkeepers across Canada and manage everyone to ensure that everyone reports in a timely manner. There is no reason to ever have to over pay taxes or pay penalties.


Plus... Don't Overpay on Business Tax, City of Calgary Tax, Utilities & Telecom... 


We add Accountability to the Accounting Process... 

We Typically Save Our Clients 30% on Taxes

tax refund

We  go over your last 3 years accounting  to make sure that your last bookkeeper and accountant did everything correctly and we usually find errors that save clients 30%.

Unique FREE "Cost Analysis" Could Reduce Some Expenses By 50%

We Save Clients Up to 45% On Phone Bills Alone

Canadian MoneyOur team analyzes your expenses, like tax on square footage, city tax, utilities, telecomm, etc. and usually save our clients up to 50% on many bills. Only pay if we find huge savings.

Constant Communication and FREE BUSINESS ADVICE

You'll Always Know Where Everything is at

cellrefundOur Business Consultants make sure that you know when everything is due, and where everything is at, every step of the way, and then will give you FREE BUSINESS ADVICE.

Before You Decide Which Accountant to Hire, Consider the Following 10 Questions That Will Help You Select the Right Accounting Firm For Your Business...

Choosing the right accounting firm can be a daunting task when so much is riding on it. The first thing that you should do is call around and ask them the following questions:

  1. Do you specifically work with small business owners?
  2. Do you specialize in taxation for small businesses?
  3. Do you analyze costs or just account for them?
  4. Do you ensure that optimum tax strategies are used?
  5. Do you work alone? If so, what happens if you get sick?
  6. Do you analyze my past returns for free?
  7. Is your bookkeeping rate the same as your accounting rate?
  8. Do you work with financial planners for tax planning?
  9. Have you ever worked with someone in my industry?
  10. Do you have reviews from clients?

When you call us, you know that we'll answer all of these questions to your satisfaction and when you hire us you can rest assured that you'll...

....Never Pay Tax Unnecessarily

Save money with some of the best tax accountants Calgary has to offer!


A Team of Experienced Professionals, Our Business Consultants Are Franchise Owners with a Vested Interest in Helping You Long-Term

Unlike large and medium-sized accounting firms that need to charge huge fees to cover their huge overhead, Small Business Tax Solutions (Canada) Inc. has put together a team of independent professionals, working from their own independent offices, who can relate to your small business challenges - because as franchise owners, they, too, are small business owners.

 Our Mission: "Come for the Prices, Stay for the Service"

Small Business Tax Accountants (Canada) Inc. (SBTA) is a team of Designated Accountants  and Certified Bookkeepers where all of our professionals have over 20 years of experience, in an industry that is wrought with inexperienced, un-designated practitioners, many of whom charge based on what your revenues are, rather than the amount of work involved, whereas we offer low fixed rates, which do not go up with your revenues.

Compare Accounting Services:

  • Most accounting firms charge approximately $1,600 to $3,000 for a T2 Corporate Tax Return
    • SBTA charges a $900 flat fee
  • Most accounting firm's T2 price goes up with your revenues
    • SBTA charges $900 no matter how much you make
  • Most accounting firms use undesignated tax preparers
    • SBTA only uses only Small Business Tax Accountants with 20 years or more experience
  • Some accounting professionals work from home where your financial information is not safe
    • SBTA keeps all your confidential files in a commercial office space with a security system, in locked filing cabinets
  • Most accounting firms charge $95/hour for advice
    • SBTA educates clients and gives complimentary tax advice

Compare Bookkeeping Services:

  • Most bookkeepers only use one accounting program
    • SBTA bookkeepers will use the program you choose: Excel; Quickbooks; Quickbooks Online; Simply; Freshbooks; Xero; etc.
  • Some bookkeepers work from home where your financial information is not safe
    • SBTA keeps all your confidential files in a commercial office space with a security system, in locked filing cabinets
  • Most bookkeepers are independent and don't always prepare everything that the Accountant needs
    • SBTA bookkeepers are trained by our Accountants to produce all the information that an Accountant needs, saving you from scrambling at the last minute

Behind more than 6 months in your bookkeeping? Some of our clients were behind 6 years... Here's how we saved them thousands of dollars in bookkeeping costs...

  • Most bookkeepers will enter each expense in an accounting program, costing thousands in labour costs
    • SBTA bookkeepers will quickly tally the totals of each expense, for each year, saving you thousand of dollars!

We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Don't Hesitate - Get In Touch With One Of Our
Small Business Tax Accountants in Calgary!


Incorporate Your Business Canada Wide for Only $400!

Includes: Provincial Registration
(Most Registry Offices Charge Over $500 for Provincial Incorporation)

Why pay more for an inferior service? We can incorporate your business Canada Wide and register it in the Province of your choice for only $400 + GST. That way you protect the name across Canada and are registered to legally operate in the Province of your choice.

 When or why should I incorporate?

There are a number of reasons why a business owner should incorporate their business, but here are a few of the more well-known reasons...

  1. Limited Liability
    Canada is getting more and more litigious in nature, similar to the United States.People are suing businesses ove anything these days. If your business is not incorporated, it means they are suing you personally. Limited liability means that when they sue, they are suing the company, not you personally. That's a pretty good reason to incorporate.

  2. Build to Sell
    Are you eventually going to sell your business? By incorporating your business, it becomes its own entity that allows you to sell it to a third party. It's difficult to sell a sole proprietorship because it's all you, therefore you can only sell the assets. We teach business owners how to build their business into a sellable entity and sell the shares.

  3. Tax Advantages
    There are many tax advantages to incorporating...

    Pay Federal Tax at a rate of only 10.5% and Provincial Tax at a rate of 2% instead of 28% that you pay personally

    Investing: When you make enough money that you are able to take out personally only what you need to live on and invest the rest through the corporation.

    Medical Expenses: Wouldn't you rather have your company pay your medical expenses with before tax dollars rather than you pay with after tax dollars?

    Life Insurance: Wouldn't you rather have your company pay your life insurance with before tax dollars rather than you pay with after tax dollars?