Qualified Tax Professionals

Unlimited Free Advice & Expense Optimization

Accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services performed by small business tax accountants. 

Marketing, Franchising & Business Brokerage

We can help you with cost-effective marketing & franchise consulting and accelerated exit strategies.

Advanced Tax Strategies & Retirement Planning

Many of our clients are able to retire much faster thanks to advanced tax planning & retirement strategies.



At Small Business Tax Accountants (Canada) Inc.
All Tax Returns are Completed Quickly and Accurately
by a Business Accountant

Don't Overpay CRA


Most accounting firms give basic tax advice, typically on eligible expense deductions.
Those aren't really tax strategies. They also charge $95/hour to $400/hour for that advice.

We educate clients on CRA compliant tax strategies, before you hire us,
in a free one-hour consultation with a Managing Partner.

Once you hire us, we give unlimited free tax advice for 12 months.
Email us, call us or come in as often as you'd like and we'll answer all of your questions.

Plus... we perform a free review of your 3 previous years tax returns
and we typically find that clients have overpaid taxes by an average of $3,125.00/year
in previous years with other tax preparers. We may be able to recoup that money.



Many accounting firms use fresh out of University, inexperienced accountants.

Our Team of Business Accountants have numerous years of experience
and prepare corporate tax returns themselves



Many independent tax preparers work alone. No receptionist, no administrative staff, no bookkeepers.
It often takes months to complete files and costs a lot more
because they charge you for each service at their typically high accounting rate.

We have numerous administrative staff members, bookkeepers and accountants.
Once we have all of your required information, from a checklist that we give you in advance,
we typically take less than 2 weeks to complete and charge a lot less than most
because of the volume of customers that we have, due to our affordable prices.



Many independent tax preparers work alone, 9 to 5. No receptionist, no administrative staff, no bookkeepers.
What happens if they get sick or incapable of working? Who will perform your work?

Even our Managing Partners work evenings and weekends for your convenience. 
We also have numerous accountants. If something happens to one, another will fill in.



Most accountants are only familiar with one accounting software program
and in some cases it's proprietary, meaning only they use it.
What happens if they get sick or pass away and you need or want to change accountants?

Our accountants are familiar with numerous accounting software programs, including:
AccPac; FreshBooks; Quickbooks Desktop; Quickbooks Online; Sage; Simply; WaveApps; Zero... and many more!
Want to change accountants? No problem. We make the change seamless.



Typically, other accountants charge a $95 to $400 hourly rate for accounting
and also when it comes to representing you with CRA.

We will represent you at CRA at no cost to you... 
if it's regarding any corporate return that we prepared for you.
(If it's from a previous accountant, we charge $100/hour)



Many tax preparers work from home where your financial information is potentially not safe.

We keep all your confidential files in a commercial office space 
with a state-of-the-art security system



Most accountants don't offer many, if any, tax strategies as they feel their job is only accounting.
They are not taught, nor do they know, tax strategies. They give accounting advice on deductible expenses. 

Our Managing Partners are Tax Strategists.
We typically save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their companies,
implementing strategies typically reserved for business owners with multi-million dollar companies.



Most accountants charge approximately $1,200 to $10,000 for a T2 Corporate Tax Return
The more you make, the more they charge you

We charge between $700 to $1,200 to prepare a T2 Corporate Tax Return, no matter how much you make
because whether you make $1 or $1 billion dollars, a T2 Corporate Tax Return
takes approximately the same amount of time to prepare, it's the bookkeeping that takes more time


Simple T2 Corporate Tax Return: $1,200
T2 Corporate Tax Return with Assets or Investments: $1,400
Optional: Notice to Reader (NTR) Financial Statement is an additional: $1,000 to $1,500
(NTR is only needed if your business has a loan with the bank and the bank requires it
be signed by an accountant designated in your Province)

Bookkeeping: $69/Hour
GST Return is included in hourly Bookkeeping fee if we do the bookkeeping
GST Return if you do the bookkeeping is $150 to check your work and submit
Custom Bookkeeping Training: $150/Hour
T5 for Dividend Income: $50/Shareholder
T1 Personal Income Tax Return: $125/Person
T1 Personal Tax Return if you have Investments or Property: $300/person

 Maintaining your Minute Book: $100

Federal Incorporation with Provincial Registration: $1,000 (Includes Costs & DIY Minutebook)
Provincial Incorporation: $650 (Includes Costs & DIY Minutebook)
Digital Minute Book Done For You: $200

Optional: Filing of Your 'Annual Return' for Federal Corporation: $70 (Includes Costs)
Optional: Filing of Your 'Annual Return' for Provincial Corporation: $150 (Includes Costs)
(An Annual Return is different from a T2 and must also be filed annually at your Local Registry Office at a cost of approximately $80) 


Call Us Today for a Free Tax Consultation
Incorporate Business owners Learn How to Pay Yourselves
Up to $88,000 Tax Free - Like Me!

We Have Numerous Locations to serve you by Appointment Only...

Calgary SW; Calgary SE; Calgary NW, Calgary NE, Airdrie, Okotoks, Cochrane, Red Deer,
Edmonton; Kelowna, Vancouver, Ottawa, London, Waterloo, Barrie, Toronto and Many More!
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Need a Fast, Accurate, Mobile Bookkeeper?

All Bookkeeping is Completed Quickly and Accurately By a 
 Certified Bookkeeper, With No Unnecessary or Hidden Fees

Be careful who you hire! Most bookkeepers are not aware of all of the tax deductions available
and what you can do to avoid overpaying CRA unnecessarily.


Most bookkeepers aren't certified and if they are, it's on only one accounting software

Our bookkeepers are certified on numerous accounting software programs, including:
AccPac; FreshBooks; Quickbooks Desktop; Quickbooks Online; Sage; Simply; WaveApps; Zero... and many more!

We have numerous bookkeepers on staff.
Don't like your bookkeeper? No problem, We'll send another, no questions asked.
Plus, we have very little turnover so you get the same bookkeeper each time.



Many bookkeepers work alone. What happens if they get sick? Or if they have an accident?

We have numerous bookkeepers on staff.
Someone will always be there, on time, when you need them, even evenings and weekends,
and work until the job is done.



Most bookkeepers have monthly minimums where hourly rates go through the roof.
One bookkeeper we called charges a $400 flat monthly fee... for 10 minutes work per month. 
That's $2,400 per hour. No wonder they don't tell you their hourly rate!
They also charge for travel time.

Our bookkeepers charge $65/hour with no monthly minimums.
If it takes 30 minutes a month, our fee is $32.50.
If there are more than 5 hours of work at one time we don't charge travel time.


Our Team includes:

Small Business Tax Accountants
Corporate Tax Returns; Financial Statements; Advice; Minute Books; etc.

Why pay huge accounting fees for bookkeeping services? GST? Etc.

Share Structure; Trusts; Unanimous Shareholders Agreements; etc.

Tax Strategists
Accountants can only account for money, not "move" it.
Our Managing Partners are Tax Strategists and will edicate you on how to keep more money in your pocket

Cost Analysts

Our specialists analyze your phone, cell phone, energy and municipal tax bills.
Have you overpaid? Find out today, at no cost to you.


Plus... Don't Overpay on Business Tax, City of Calgary Tax, Utilities & Telecom... 

We add Accountability to the Accounting Process... 

We Typically Save Our Clients 30% on Taxes

tax refund

We  go over your last 3 years accounting  to make sure that your last bookkeeper and accountant did everything correctly and we usually find errors that save clients 30%.

Unique FREE "Cost Analysis" Could Reduce Some Expenses By 50%

We Save Clients Up to 45% On Phone Bills Alone

Canadian MoneyOur team analyzes your expenses, like tax on square footage, city tax, utilities, telecomm, etc. and usually save our clients up to 50% on many bills. Only pay if we find huge savings.

Constant Communication and FREE BUSINESS ADVICE

You'll Always Know Where Everything is at

cellrefundOur Business Consultants make sure that you know when everything is due, and where everything is at, every step of the way, and then will give you FREE BUSINESS ADVICE.

Before You Decide Which Accountant to Hire, Consider the Following 10 Questions That Will Help You Select the Right Accounting Firm For Your Business...

Choosing the right accounting firm can be a daunting task when so much is riding on it. The first thing that you should do is call around and ask them the following questions:

  1. Do you specifically work with small business owners?
  2. Do you specialize in taxation for small businesses?
  3. Do you analyze costs or just account for them?
  4. Do you ensure that optimum tax strategies are used?
  5. Do you work alone? If so, what happens if you get sick?
  6. Do you analyze my past returns for free?
  7. Is your bookkeeping rate the same as your accounting rate?
  8. Do you work with financial advisors for tax planning?
  9. Have you ever worked with someone in my industry?
  10. Do you have reviews from clients?

When you call us, you know that we'll answer all of these questions to your satisfaction and when you hire us you can rest assured that you'll...

....Never Pay Tax Unnecessarily

Save money with some of the best tax accountants Calgary has to offer!

Is Your Tax Preparer Getting You as Much Tax-Free Money as You Can Out of Your Business, Using CRA Compliant Strategies?


Do You Feel Like Your Accountant Works for CRA?

Stop paying tax unnecessarily. We are business accountants and tax strategists. Whether you're a small business owner, a professional, or a tradesperson, we have the expertise to make sure that you pay only your fair share of taxes and keep as much of your hard-earned money as you can, legally and affordably.


A Team of Experienced Professionals, Our Managing Partners Are Franchise Owners with a Vested Interest in Helping You Long-Term

Unlike large and medium-sized accounting firms that need to charge huge fees to cover their huge overhead, Small Business Tax Accountants (Canada) Inc. has put together a team of professionals, who can relate to your small business challenges.

 Our Mission: "Come for the Prices, Stay for the Service"

Small Business Tax Accountants (Canada) Inc. (SBTA) is a team of experienced Accountants and Certified Bookkeepers where all of our professionals have numerous years of experience, in an industry that is wrought with inexperienced practitioners, many of whom charge based on what your revenues are, rather than the amount of work involved, whereas we offer low fixed rates, which do not go up with your revenues.


Behind more than 6 months in your bookkeeping? Some of our clients were behind 6 years... Here's how we saved them thousands of dollars in bookkeeping costs...

Most bookkeepers will enter each expense in an accounting program, costing thousands in labour costs.

SBTA bookkeepers will quickly tally the totals of each expense, for each year, saving you thousand of dollars!


Don't Hesitate - Get In Touch With One Of Our
Small Business Tax Accountants in Calgary or anywhere in Canada!


Incorporate Your Business Canada Wide for Only $900!

Includes: Provincial Registration in Ontario Plus One Other Province

We can incorporate your business Canada Wide and register it in the province of your choice for only $900 + GST. That way you protect the name across Canada and are registered to legally operate in the province of your choosing.

 When or why should I incorporate?

There are a number of reasons why a business owner should incorporate their business, but here are a few of the more well-known reasons...

  1. Limited Liability
    Canada is getting more and more litigious in nature, similar to the United States.People are suing businesses ove anything these days. If your business is not incorporated, it means they are suing you personally. Limited liability means that when they sue, they are suing the company, not you personally. That's a pretty good reason to incorporate.

  2. Build to Sell
    Are you eventually going to sell your business? By incorporating your business, it becomes its own entity that allows you to sell it to a third party. It's difficult to sell a sole proprietorship because it's all you, therefore you can only sell the assets. We teach business owners how to build their business into a sellable entity and sell the shares.

  3. Tax Advantages
    There are many tax advantages to incorporating...

    Pay Federal Tax at a rate of only 10% and Provincial Tax at a rate of 2% instead of up to 48% that you pay personally

    Investing: When you make enough money that you are able to take out personally only what you need to live on and invest the rest through the corporation.

    Medical Expenses: Wouldn't you rather have your company pay your medical expenses with before tax dollars rather than you pay with after tax dollars?

    Life Insurance: Wouldn't you rather have your company pay your life insurance with before tax dollars rather than you pay with after tax dollars?







5 Star google reviews

"Small Business Tax Accountant Jordan was amazing! Apart from helping us with general bookkeeping he taught us how to maximize our software and gave us practical accounting advice." Parisa Jiwa, Calgary Legal Coaching

"As a sole proprietor and recent graduate, they gave me great advice on incorporating and developed a tax plan for me to minimize my tax payments and maximize the utilization of my tuition tax credits. Very knowledgeable and comes highly recommended." Kevin Creppin Chiropractor

 "SBTA is a very knowledgeable team to work with and is efficient and effective at keeping you compliant with tax deadlines, and saves you money too! Give SBTA a call and run your business by the team to see how they can save you money." Dave Alberda, Mortgage Broker

"As an Advisor I find it very hard to find an account that is actually up-to-date on tax law, and is open minded to listen to retirement ideas for their clients. SBTA is one of the great ones and on top of what I already mentioned, they charge properly for there service." Sid Helischauer, Financial Advisor

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