Qualified Tax Professionals

Unlimited Free Advice & Expense Optimization

Accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services performed by small business tax accountants. 

Marketing, Franchising & Business Brokerage

We can help you with cost-effective marketing & franchise consulting and accelerated exit strategies.

Advanced Tax Strategies & Retirement Planning

Many of our clients are able to retire much faster thanks to advanced tax planning & retirement strategies.

5 Star google reviews

"Small Business Tax Accountant Jordan was amazing! Apart from helping us with general bookkeeping he taught us how to maximize our software and gave us practical accounting advice." Parisa Jiwa, Calgary Legal Coaching

"As a sole proprietor and recent graduate, they gave me great advice on incorporating and developed a tax plan for me to minimize my tax payments and maximize the utilization of my tuition tax credits. Very knowledgeable and comes highly recommended." Kevin Creppin Chiropractor

 "SBTA is a very knowledgeable team to work with and is efficient and effective at keeping you compliant with tax deadlines, and saves you money too! Give SBTA a call and run your business by the team to see how they can save you money." Dave Alberda, Mortgage Broker

"As an Advisor I find it very hard to find an account that is actually up-to-date on tax law, and is open minded to listen to retirement ideas for their clients. SBTA is one of the great ones and on top of what I already mentioned, they charge properly for there service." Sid Helischauer, Financial Advisor

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