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Our accounting team includes: Small Business Tax Accountants who specialize in full service accounting for small business

Small Business Tax Accountants (Canada) Inc. accountants work with small business owners, identifying numerous opportunities that may often otherwise go unnoticed. SBTA has grown dramatically compared to other accounting firms, during similar time frames, thanks to solid business practices, exceptionally effective marketing initiatives, detailed education and affordable pricing.

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We Have Engaged Some of the Best Small Business Tax Accountants in Canada

Our Small Business Tax Accountants are recognized for having very high professional standards in the accounting industry. In today's ever-evolving economic markets, expertise at making "educated" decisions is essential to the survival of every organization. While typically only Canada's medium and large corporations could afford the servces of Small Business Tax Accountants, Small Business Tax Accountants (Canada) Inc. has made them available and affordable to bring strategic tax planning and decision-making to all small business owners across Canada. Have a question? Ask the experts! We give free advice.

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Templated Tax Preparation So You Know It's Done Properly and More Affordably

Our small business accountants are well versed at preparing all of the different tax returns required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). As a team, we have created templated procedures that allow us to work faster and more efficiently, thereby saving you money.