Bookkeepers Kelowna


Local Kelowna Bookkeepers Specializing in Working with Small Businesses


 Why Hire One of Our Bookkeepers?


We Are a Team of Certified Bookkeepers...

Which Means We'll Get it Right the First Time

Most bookkeepers aren't certified and if they are, it's on only one accounting software program. Our bookkeepers are certified not on just one program, but on numerous accounting software, many including: AccPac; FreshBooks; Quickbooks Desktop; Quickbooks Online; Sage; WaveApps; Zero... and many more! Don't like your bookkeeper? No problem, We'll send another, no questions asked. Plus, we have very little turnover so you get the same bookkeeper each time.

- We have a stringent hiring process: all candidates undergo a bookkeeping exam to make sure they understand acceptable bookkeeping principles

- We train and certify all of our bookkeepers to meet our high standards

- Our accountants check to make sure that all bookkeeping has been performed properly


All of Our Bookkeepers Work Quickly and Accurately With No Unnecessary or Hidden Fees

Most bookkeepers are not aware of all of the proper tax deductions that are available to small business owners and what you can do to avoid overpaying CRA unnecessarily. Most bookkeepers are used to working only in one area of bookkeeping, like payroll, accounts receivable or accountants payable and are not knowledgeable on full service bookkeeping.

Affordable Bookkeepers

Most bookkeepers charge monthly minimums. Imagine paying $200 to $400 per month for10 minutes work? Totally overcharging. One bookkeeper we contacted charges a $400 flat monthly fee... for 10 minutes work per month. That equates to $2,400 per hour. No wonder they don't tell you their hourly rate!

Our bookkeepers are $65/hour with no monthly minimums. If it only takes 30 minutes a month to do your bookkeeping, our fee is $32.50. If there are more than 5 hours of work at any one time we don't charge you for travel time. In fact, if there are more than 5 hours of work at any one time, we'll reduce our rate to $50/hour and still not charge you for travel time!