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Why Hire One of Our Bookkeepers?


We Are a Team of Certified Bookkeepers...

Which Means We'll Get it Right the First Time

Most bookkeepers aren't certified and if they are, it's on only one accounting software program. Our bookkeepers are certified not on just one program, but on numerous accounting software, many including: AccPac; FreshBooks; Quickbooks Desktop; Quickbooks Online; Sage; WaveApps; Zero... and many more! Don't like your bookkeeper? No problem, We'll send another, no questions asked. Plus, we have very little turnover so you get the same bookkeeper each time.

- We have developed a stringent hiring process: all candidates undergo a bookkeeping exam to make sure they understand acceptable bookkeeping principles


- We train our bookkeepers and have a certification process to make sure that all of our bookkeepers meet our high standards


- Our accountants check to make sure that all of our bookkeepers are using acceptable bookkeeping practices


All of Our Bookkeepers Work Quickly and Accurately With No Unnecessary or Hidden Fees

Most bookkeepers are not aware of all of the proper tax deductions that are available to small business owners and what you can do to avoid overpaying CRA unnecessarily. Most bookkeepers are used to working only on one area of bookkeeping, like payroll, accounts receivable or accountants payable and are not knowledgeable on full service bookkeeping.

Affordable Bookkeepers

Most bookkeepers charge monthly minimums. Imagine paying $200 to $400 per month for 10 minutes work? Totally overcharging. One bookkeeper we contacted charges a $400 flat monthly fee... for 10 minutes work per month. That equates to $2,400 per hour. No wonder they don't tell you their hourly rate!

Our bookkeepers are $65/hour with no monthly minimums. If it only takes 30 minutes a month to do your bookkeeping, our fee is $32.50. If there are more than 5 hours of work at any one time we don't charge you for travel time. In fact, if there are more than 5 hours of work at any one time, we'll reduce our rate to $50/hour and still not charge you for travel time!

Our Bookkeepers Can Save You a Lot of Time and Money

In the highly competitive world of today, managing a business is a very demanding job. In a very constrained time schedule, one has to manage many tasks. This might include extensive market research to stay ahead of your competitors. Or perhaps setting up new prospects and devising innovative ways to achieve your goals. Of course providing superior customer care and services is a top priority. And maintaining steady sales to reach for higher profits is important too. Training factory staff to maintain highly competitive and skilled in their workforce is included. As well as the handling of administrative tasks, and above that, managing the finances of the business. Which includes accounts receivable and payable, payroll, crediting bills and invoicing. There just doesn't seem to be enough time for everything that needs to be done. All of these are reasons why you should hire us, the top bookkeeper Penticton has to provide for small businesses.

For a single person, it is humanly impossible to manage all this without significant errors. When trying to establish a business, minor errors can provide major setbacks. They could even potentially ruin the entire operation. With so much stress and a large work load, the idea of hiring the utmost professional bookkeeper Penticton has to offer sounds like a wise choice. Not only do we provide precise and regular checks over your financials but we immediately notify our clients in case of spontaneous fluctuations and severe financial problems encountered. Ensuring that the concerned authorities can deal with these matters in time. As the leading bookkeeper Penticton has to provide we offer expert advice at finding immediate and effective solutions to all of your bookkeeping problems. Further reducing the burden you may have in regards to keeping your books.

How to Choose the Right Bookkeeper for Your Business...

Choosing the right bookkeeper can be a daunting task. Here are a few good tips on choosing the right one for your business:

  1. Does their company have more than one bookkeeper? What happens if they get sick?
    If not, and the bookkeeper gets sick for a lengthy period of time, you need to start over looking for a bookkeeper and potentially won't get information to CRA in a timely manner, causing you penalties and interest.
  2. Do they charge you a flat fee or hourly fee for bookkeeping? Flat fees are the highest in the Industry!
    People that know the bookkeeping industry know that if a bookkeeper is charging a flat fee, it is typically 3 to 5 times what most bookkeepers charge. Keep shopping.
  3. Are their fees really low? Then they probably don't know what they're doing!
    They probably don't know what they're doing. In fact, most bookkeepers don't now what they're doing, even certified bookkeepers! When we first started out we subcontracted bookkeepers... right up until one sent us a balance sheet in an Excel spreadsheet... THAT DIDN'T BALANCE! So we started hiring our own bookkeepers.
  4. Would Your Bookkeeper Pass a Bookkeeping Test?
    To make sure we hire knowledgeable bookkeepers we designed a bookkeeping test that any knowledgeable bookkeeper should pass easily. Well guess what? Over 80% of the bookkeepers that we've interviewed and tested fail the test! That includes Certified Bookkeepers and even accountants! Mind boggling! We've interviewed over 200 bookkeepers which means that over 160 of them failed a bookkeeping test.
  5. Do they know more than one accounting program? Most don't! And they try to get you to change to their program! That costs money!
    Most bookkeepers only know 1 or 2 accounting programs. Seriously? It takes less than an hour to learn a new accounting program. They should be passionate about their profession and learn as much as they can about the best tools available.
Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I hire a bookkeeper?

It's highly recommended that you hire a bookkeeper as soon as you start your business. That way you'll avoid all the mistakes that novices make. Our bookkeepers can cost as little as 3 hours per year, dependent on your activity. It's not worth your time to learn it.

Do I need a bookkeeper? I know EXCEL and prefer to use it

It's highly recommended that a professional bookkeeper be used if you have a Corporation. The reason for this is that your bookkeeping needs to use double-entry accounting to ensure that the Trial Balance always balances to your corporate bank account. As a privately-held corporation, whether you have one shareholder or 50 shareholders, the accountability and compliance (according to the Tax Act) needs to be the same.

What’s the difference between what a Bookkeeper does and what an Accountant does?

A bookkeeper puts together a complete database of your business’ income and expenses for your fiscal year (or calendar year). An accountant takes the bookkeeping data and forms the reporting necessary for the tax reporting. The danger here is that if the database data is crap – the reports (that the Accountant prepares) will also show crap. The importance of using a first-rate bookkeeper is very key to your business’ success.