Franchises Available in Canada and the US

Not Just an Accounting Company, We Offer: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Development, Franchise Consulting, Business Valuations and Business & Franchise Brokerage

Our Calgary Locations are Now 3 Years Old and Making an Above Average Income with...
Recurring Income Monthly and Anually!

  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Monthly SEO
  • Monthly Social Media Marketing
  • Annual Corporate Tax Returns
  • Annual Personal Tax Returns

Large Commission Potential...

  • Average marketing program commission: $6,500
  • Average franchise sales commission: $17,500
  • Average business brokerage commission: $50,000
  • Average Service Commission: $6,775

Exceptional Growth Potential...

  • Average new accounting clients per month: 20
  • Average new bookkeeping clients per month: 10
  • Average new marketing clients per months: 3
  • Average new franchise clients per year: 4

 All Work is Done For You...

  • All Tax Returns are prepared by our team of highly qualified tax accountants
  • All bookkeeping is performed by our team of experienced, supervised bookkeepers
  • All marketing is performed by our exceptional marketing team
  • All franchising is performed by our experienced franchise consultant
  • All business valuations and brokerage is performed by our team of qualified professionals

This is the Perfect Business for...

  • An accountant or bookkeeper
  • A financial advisor
  • A marketing consultant
  • A silent investor


Contact Peter Singleton at 403-607-1810 for more information