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Professional Bookkeeping Services For Small Businesses

To every entrepreneur, perfect record-keeping is significant if their business is to flourish. Besides their regular workload, accounting tasks including regular book-keeping provide extra burden for the owners. These services includes payable and receivable accounts-keeping, invoicing, payroll, check printing and bank reconciliation. As one of the most professional bookkeeping companies around, accounts and calculations have a higher significance than just another professional service. The tasks are absolutely fulfilled by professionals with accuracy and proficiency in a way facilitated to meet clients’ needs. This, coupled with customizable monthly, quarterly and annual checkups, and after-the-fact record-keeping will suit every business owner’s needs. Put it all together and you will be on your way to carving a stable business empire.

As One Of The Top Bookkeeping Companies Around, We Will Reduce Your Stress by Fully Handling All of Your Bookkeeping Needs.  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I keep my receipts and bring them to my Accountant at year end….is this bad?

The importance of bookkeeping is crucial to your business success…and it doesn’t need to cost much, either. If you don’t look at your profit and loss until the end of the year, then you may have been losing money for the past 12 months and the “bleeding” may now have turned into “hemorrhaging”. Trades especially are vulnerable in this area as they perceive great compensation for the project but underestimate the true value of labor and materials required. Find a bookkeeper that will accept your receipts every two months and keep you profitable.

I had a Sole-proprietorship and Incorporated part way through the year. How does this affect my bookkeeping?

The bookkeeping needs to be two distinct bookkeeping records as they are two separate businesses. It is very important that each business has its own Business # and GST # as well.  The business numbers cannot be shared, and each business requires its own unique bank account.