Franchise Your Business for Only $11,000

Franchising your business is not as complicated or expensive as many peope make it out to be. Our Managing Partners have bought and sold millions of dollars of franchises and are well versed in the rules and reguations.

Our Franchise package includes:

  • One year of consulting: Determining your initial franchise fee, royalty fee, total investment, local , regional and national ad fees
  • Lawyer prepared Franchise Disclosure Document good for all of Canada and the US (Attorney approval extra)
  • Lawyer prepared Franchise Agreement (Attorney approval extra)
  • Franchisee Information Booklet design
  • Policy Manual Template
  • Procedures Manual Template
  • We will advertise and sell franchises for you at reasonable rates - we are on page one of Google for many major Canadian & US cities

Our Franchise Clients Include:


 SBTA Logo

Ourselves: We incorporate on November 22, 2016 and sold our first franchise in January 2018.
We are now in most major cities across Canada.



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Our marketing affiliate, Accountable Communications, helped them go from $750k to $3.1 Million in sales in one year, during a recession. In January 2020 we started marketing their franchise in major cities across Canada.



They signed on with our marketing affiliate, Accountable Communications, in 2019 and we started marketing their franchise in major cities across Canada in January of 2020