SBTA's Free Startup Business Workshop - Don't Overpay CRA!

Free Startup Business Workshop Saturday August 12, 201 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at 7015 Macleod Trail South Suite 400

At this workshop we will teach you...

  • Different accounting designations: How Chartered Accountants can save you thousands
  • Sole Proprietor vs. Corporation - How to protect your assets and pay less tax
  • Provincial Incorporation vs. Federal Incorporation - How to save thousands in fees
  • Why you should be incorporated and take dividends instead of a salary
  • Why your company should pay your medical expenses, not you personally
  • How to track and write off vehicle expenses effortlessly
  • How to write off travel expenses to anywhere in the world legally
  • Which expenses to write off that you’re currently not writing off that will pay for our services
  • How to get retained earnings, invested by your corporation, out of your corporation tax advantaged
  • How to save 50.67% in Taxes on Retained Earnings and Increase the Value of Your Estate by Millions of Dollars - Immediately
  • How to market your business effectively



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